Logistics Courses
Logistic Management
  1. What is logistics and what is it comprised of?
  2. What is its connection and dependency on other processes, company competitiveness and its economic results?
  3. What are the main logistics processes and is efficiency measured?
Purchase and Inventory Control Logistics
  • Are you worried about high inventory volumes at your warehouses?
  • Does it happen that you cannot produce because you lack key items?
  • Do you purchase production units/parts per your real needs, per required quantity and time?
  • Are you clear about your inventory’s optimal status?
Masters of Logistics

Ready to defend the ideas in your logistics projects and prove their worth? This is what it’ll take to obtain the LA Diploma. Many of these logistics projects are true masterpieces, with their authors exhibiting brilliance in terms of logic, problem-solving, and pure discipline. These works are used to organise a series of two-day seminars attended by top logisticians. Topics for these seminars are selected to introduce attendees to new ideas and disciplines, and to promote professional dialogue and networking.

Education for Lecturers at the Logistics Academy

The Logistics Academy (with the support of ESF) has already prepared and executed several exclusive educational programmes for potential logistics lecturers. These programmes combine specialised topics with lecturer skill training, and includes a number of excursions to select locations.

Production Logistics
  • How do you manufacture with fast production turnaround times, optimal cost-efficiency and minimal human resources and inventory?
  • How do you create an effective production schedule?
  • Would you like to understand how to identify optimal manufacturing batches and how to explore manufacture capacity at its maximum?
  • Which methods can you use to make your production more efficient?
Distribution and Storage Logistics
  • How do you optimise the supply chain management process to ensure the right products are manufactured and delivered to the hands of the right customers?
  • Can you identify warehouse quantity, size, and distribution?
  • Which factors influence distribution and warehousing strategy?
  • Who covers the risk and costs involved in the supply chain, and to what extent?
Logistics Audit 
  • How does logistics separate the functional and non functional?
  • Do you know which elements define contract efficiency, and how those elements are implemented in the workplace?
  • Can you hold your own against top professionals and prepare strategies that’ll give your team the winning edge?