Output Strategy

Many training programs and academies end their involvement once training is complete. At CTA we implement a complete output program to help our students with successful entry into the commercial transport sector following successful completion of their studies.

 Our aims and goals

The Commercial Transport Academy is a internationally recognised logistics academy that aims to provide unparalleled industry specific logistic training to students within Africa , and we aim to create a degree: The MBA of Transport and Logistics.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to be a significant catalyst and accelerator of sustainable growth for men and women in the commercial transport sector and act as a significant contributor of highly trained individuals in the logistics industry and to see our graduates of the MBA of Transport and Logistics utilising their knowledge to enrich the transport and logistics industry.

Core Values:
Knowledge  |  Leadership  |  Integrity  |  A maverick progression.

The CTA output program includes:

  • Placement into the transport sector through recruitment: The CTA placement programmed aims to be a feeder of highly skilled, technical applicants for placement into the commercial transport sector.
  • Incubation, funding and business development: South Africa has seen a surge of entrepreneurship in recent years. The CTA will proudly assist entrepreneurs in fund sourcing and business development strategies.

 History of CTA

The Commercial Transport Academy (CTA) was established to engage, educate and inform students within all aspects of the transport sector and its sub-sectors.

The Commercial Transport Academy (CTA) supports the development of transformation, inspired to increase performance and provides all-important cross-sector information that will equip students in particular women to build a career in the sector or fully manage the process of running her own transport business.

 Meet the Team

Nicci Scott

Nicci Scott – Profile

CEO at Siyaduma Auto Ferriers: Johannesburg, ZA ▪ 1995 to present

Key Skills

  • Negotiations
  • Logistics
  • Risk Management
  • Creative Sales Techniques
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Strategic Planning

Personal Statement
“I am driven by personal achievements and strive to inspire those around me to do the same”.

Life Goals
Nicci cherishes the opportunity to be a positive influence on her family and associates. A pioneer in her own right, she aims to contribute to change and equal opportunity throughout all facets of her life. Says Nicci, “I strive to break down barriers and create opportunities through skills development, lobbying for change and cracking through stereotypical thinking.”

Major Personal Achievements
Forgoing the conventional route of study, job, own business, Nicci plunged straight into the deep end opening “All Things Spice” at the tender age of 18 – with great success. With a head for business no fear of hard work, Nicci eventually sold the successful Port Shepstone based business to travel to the United States.

Following her travels Nicci returned to South Africa and founded Siyaduma Auto Ferriers in 1995 – the first female-owned logistics company in South Africa – specialising in the delivery and planning of car rental fleets.

Evidence of Nicci’s commitment is best given through her many awards…

  • August 2010: Top Young Women Entrepreneur
  • August 2012: CEO Award for category of Transportation, Logistics & Shipping
  • November 2014: Top Women in Transport Award
  • November 2014: Appointed custodian of Women in trucking SA
  • January 2015: A time for training: Founder and CEO of the CTA (Commercial Transport Academy)

Nicci’s other achievements include being awarded the label of “Pioneer” by Entrepreneur magazine, having her company Siyaduma featured on the Big Business TV channel, being featured as “Member of the Month” in the US-based “Women In Trucking” magazine, and also featuring in the book Miracle Women.

Siyaduma Auto Ferriers, South Africa: Founder and CEO Date 1995 – Present

Siyaduma’s predecessor – National Auto Ferriers, initially specialised in the ferrying of car rental vehicles across the length and breadth of the South Africa, and later evolved to include the delivery of commercial vehicles. Today Siyaduma boasts an impressive 68% market share of this niche industry. The company:

  • holds a majority market shares;
  • boasts increased sales – from R150,000 to R83 million in annual income;
  • employs 250 staff members on a full time basis;
  • has an international client base;
  • maintains a national office infrastructure;
  • includes South Africa and other SADC countries among its business territories


  • Top Women Owned Company in Transport and Logistics – 2010
  • Top Gender Empowered Company in Transport and Logistics – 2010
  • Gender Mainstreaming Award – Equal Representation – 2013

Driver Training Academy, South Africa: Co-Founder with Man Truck & Bus – Date 2004 – 2006

The primary focus of the joint Man Truck & Bus and Siyaduma Auto Ferriers training academy was to up-skill the unemployed, and to produce highly qualified commercial drivers.

Siyaduma Auto Services, South Africa: Founder – Date 2005 – 2008

Siyaduma Auto Services was established as a supporting function to the driver-training academy to manage the recruitment and placement of qualified drivers.

In 2006 the entity took up a shareholding in another legal entity and sold off its shares in 2008 for R4 million.